James F. Allbright – NoSaggs Creator

James F. Allbright has worked in the oil and gas industry for over 35 years. Today he continues to work closely with the industry through his company JC Co. which is the parent company of NoSaggs™. With JC Co., James serves as a problem solver and supplier of manufactured instrumentation products relating to level, pressure, temperature, and flow control for use in the oil and gas industry, and/or any industry that deals with liquids or gasses. James expanded on the idea of “Problem Solving” when he created the NoSaggs™ for individuals with sagging pants. It is James’ mission to daily honor God as well as help people solve problems in their daily lives. If you are interested in learning more about JC Company or if you work in an industry that deals with liquids and gasses, please contact him here or visit www.jccotx.com.

James’ Mission

To daily honor God while helping solve problems as simple as sagging pants to liquids and gas metering, pressure, level, flow and valve control problems, in turn helping individuals improve their quality of life, and companies improve overall performance and safety.

James’ Signature & JC Co. Logo

In 1996 while on a “Walk to Emmaus” spiritual weekend, James prayed that God would help him become a bolder disciple for Jesus Christ and that God would give him a way to daily remember that God loved all of us so much that God allowed his only son Jesus Christ to die for our many sins. James also prayed for God to never let him forget that Jesus Christ rose from the grave to prove that HE “Jesus” has defeated death and is alive today.

God revealed to James that something he does each day is sign his name and that his signature could be changed to daily reflect a visual picture of Jesus death and resurrection to James and to others that see it. Thus the cross on the hill (His death) and arrow rising up (His resurrection). When written out the cross & arrow together form a “J”, the hill an “A” followed by a “mes” to spell James. This same idea is portrayed in the logo for JC Company. J.C. are the initials of Jesus Christ and daily reminds me who really owns the company.

The ultimate eternal problem solver is Jesus Christ. Do you know HIM? If not I would be happy to talk with you about Him.

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