For years I have been battling the fact that I have no rear which allows my pants to slide down and sag. My dad was built the same way. He struggled with this problem his whole life and eventually started wearing suspenders as his solution. I reached the point where I was tired and frustrated with always needing to hike my pants up all day so I tried to find a solution. I first tried suspenders. I got several pairs in an assortment of colors so that they would still match with my clothes. Even though they matched my clothes, the first time I showed them to my wife she said that I could only wear them around the house and that they did not look good on me. After a few hours I found that they also cut into my shoulders and became very uncomfortable to wear for any long period of time. I had to find a better solution.

I looked all over the internet to try and find something that would hold my pants up and not look as old fashioned or be as uncomfortable as traditional suspenders. I didn’t find a single good solution. God tells us to bring all our problems to him, big and small. So I prayed about it and the Lord gave me the idea for the NoSaggs™ Hidden Belt and Pant Suspender. In early 2014 I fashioned the first ever NoSaggs™ for myself and have been wearing one every day since then. It effectively solved my sagging problem. It held my pants up and kept my shirt tail tucked in. My wife liked it too since no one could even tell I was wearing it and by eliminating the sagging, she says I look a lot better from behind.

So I have decided to share my invention with everyone else who has problems with sagging pants. I hope that the NoSaggs™ will help you like it helped me, to alleviate the stress of trying to keep your pants held up all day and as a result you will look a lot sharper and more professional.

-James F. Allbright 2015

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