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“The Hidden Belt & Pant Suspender”

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Are you constantly pulling up your sagging pants throughout the day? Do you have a flat (not protruding) rear that allows your pants to slide down and sag? Does your shirt tail become untucked and show off that dreaded “plumber’s crack”? For years the answer to all of these problems has been suspenders. Suspenders that you have to color coordinate with your clothes. Suspenders that cut into your shoulders after a long day. Suspenders that your wife or your loved ones all think look silly. Luckily, we finally have an alternative to uncomfortable and unsightly suspenders, The NoSaggs™ – Hidden Belt & Pant Suspender! Not made to be pretty, Made to WORK!

  • No more suspenders, no more sagging
  • No more “plumber’s crack”
  • Goes over your shirt or undershirt, but stays hidden under your pants
  • Creates a hidden ridge that your outer leather belt rides on
  • Helps keep shirt tails tucked in
  • Works great with jeans, slacks, scrubs, sweatpants, and even shorts

NoSaggs™ is a revolutionary new alternative to suspenders for those of us with sagging pants. NoSaggs™ is a strapless suspender that is worn over your tucked in shirt or under shirt, but remains hidden under your pants. It is made from a durable material that is still comfortable to wear all day with minimal need for adjustments. In addition to keeping your pants up, they also help keep your shirt tail snugly in place so that you always look your best. NoSaggs™ is a perfect solution for anyone that is constantly needing to bend down or lift things while on the job. It also makes a great gift for fathers and husbands. Ladies, help your man look better from the rear with this amazing hidden suspender for pants. Buy him a NoSaggs™!

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