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Check out the video reviews below, from Jake on “Shanktuary”. The first is his original review, posted on June 24, 2017, and the second is one year later, posted on Dec. 18, 2018.


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Policeman, Security, Concealed carry

J.R. SAYS… I wish I would’ve discovered this belt decades ago. I use it to keep my duty belt from sliding down, and my shirts from coming untucked. It works amazing for both purposes. It’s super comfortable, easy to put on, and works perfectly! My shirts stay tucked in all day, and my pants do not slide down anymore from the weight of my duty belt. No more having to fuss around with either anymore. Thank you so much for coming up with this product. It’s a 10/10 for me!

Police officer Mr. MC says…This is an amazing invention. I bought one last week and I love, love, love it. It solved a major problem I have. Also, I am a police officer, so I have to wear a very heavy-duty belt and was always hiking up my pants this keeps my shirt tucked in and trousers up where they belong.

MR. MB wrote…I just received mine today, I was skeptical. Excellent invention. I lost a lot of weight over the past year and a belt does not work. My wife is always telling me to hike up my pants. I am a police officer, and I am looking forward to work tomorrow actually having my uniform pants stay in place! Highly recommended!!!

TA (one of our heroes in Blue) wrote to say…If you’re not marketing the NoSaggs hidden belt suspender to cops you should. I wore my NoSaggs while wearing my under belt and duty belt and didn’t need my belt keepers. That back side ridge in your product also prevents cuff cases or anything else from sliding around. This means less time putting on and taking off uniform gear. Also, I work out on duty, take off my outer vest and lift weights. Even did the squats with your product on. No problem.

Deputy Sheriff Mr. R stated…“I bought a NoSaggs a couple months ago after searching and searching for something to help keep my pants up and my shirt tucked in while on duty as a deputy sheriff. I’ve tried everything and your product is simply the BEST!”

Metal detector Question from GW…Received the belt today, it works perfectly, great product. Can you advise if the belt contains any metal? I work in a lot of secured premises which have metal scanners and detectors, so just need to know if it’s likely to set off a metal detector.
ANSWER: There is zero metal in the NoSaggs, so all is good to go.

Lauren wrote to say…When I first saw the NoSaggs Hidden Belt Pant Suspender, I knew I had found what I’d been looking for a long time. I clicked on the link. Studied it, then bought one right away. I cannot begin to describe how much I love this product. I conceal carry, every day, with a Smart carry holster with appendix carry, and the NoSaggs belt holds that in place too along with keeping my pants up. Even with my paracord belts, (Lauren’s Paracord Belts on Facebook) I had trouble keeping my pants up BUT NO more. Thank you so much for this great product.

Lauren 1 year later… I bought my NoSaggs belt a year ago, and I have been incredibly happy with it since then. It worked great with my inside the pants holster, keeping it in place comfortably to the front while keeping my pants effortlessly up, and now it’s working great with my new job as a Campus Safety Officer at a local college.

We wear uniforms and duty belts, and the weight of a radio, flashlight, handcuffs, ect. on the duty belt adds up fast. We use 4 separate loops to secure our duty belt to our regular belt to keep it from sagging. Which means between both belts, my gear, and my pants, there’s a definite tendency for everything to want to sag.

I’m really happy to report that with my NoSaggs belt underneath, I have had no problem keeping all my belts and gear right where I want them, in a job that entails a LOT of walking, and getting in and out of vehicles. I have no illusions what a pain this would be without my NoSaggs belt, which also helps to keep my shirt tucked in and my appearance effortlessly professional. I can wear my NoSaggs over or under my shirt, either way it holds my shirt in place well, keeping my pants up and my shirt tucked in.

Early in my Navy career, I bought some elastic shirt stays that you’d hook to the tails of your shirt and run them down your legs to your socks to help keep your shirt tucked in. They were quite frankly ridiculous; I think I tried them once and never wore them again. Unlike my NoSaggs, which I wear daily, no matter what I’m wearing. Pants, shorts, or in uniform, it’s all better thanks to my NoSaggs belt.  Thank you all so much for this product. I wish you all the success this great product deserves, and you have my gratitude every day as everything stays up!

Mr. WP posted… As a retired police officer, I wish I’d found this 40 years ago! I’m in my 70’s, and I have carried a gun most of my life. I’ve seen a lot of Carry options for concealed carry, but this is the absolute best option for those who carry a handgun in their pocket as I do, but pocket carry or belt carry… this NoSaggs is the “cat’s meow”.
I don’t care for the bulky, clumsy, speed loaders for my Smith & Wesson J-Frame revolvers, so if I’m passing through a high crime area, I simply carry two J-frames and this NoSaggs “the hidden belt” does the job. I love it! Get one for yourself, you will not regret it.

Mr. JB wrote… Just wanted to drop you a note. I work security for the government. My duty belt weighs 12 pounds, and I was always pulling it up. Since using your NoSaggs the problem is gone. Thank you.

T. M. said…I received my NoSaggs belt last week. The morning I put it on I was thinking this will probably be another failed attempt at keeping my pants from sliding down my no butt. I’m here to tell you, IT WORKS!! I am extremely impressed, and will be ordering another one, one size smaller, but will continue to wear the longer one when concealed carry. A benefit I did not think about until after wearing it. I will not go into my experience on making a mistake on my first order but was surprised how they handled it, it told me this company and the man that runs it is a class act.

I hope he uses this in his testimonials.

A five-star product and company.

T. M. Bayou Vista Texas

Mr. M.D. wrote… For years, I have been wearing a rubber “shirt garter” to keep my shirt tail in and my pants up. It works pretty good for dress clothes, but for everyday clothing, when I load my pockets with keys, wallet, pocketknife, flashlight, and a concealed carry handgun, I am constantly “hoisting” my pants. Like you, suspenders work, but make my back hurt after a while. I saw your ad for the NoSaggs belt and decided to order one, which arrived last week. Once I determined the proper fit, I began wearing it every day. It’s been a little over a week now and I am very impressed with your product. It gives me a real secure feeling and secures both my shirt and pants during most all my activities. Only rarely do I have to adjust my pants now. It is not noticeable by others even with thin dress pants like the shirt garter has been. Being divinely inspired makes it that much better! Congratulations on your product and best wishes for your future success. I will be purchasing additional belts in the future and singing your praises to my “Flat Bottom” friends.

Bill M. tested it two ways (Construction & Conceal Carry) … “I am a believer! Wearing it now. The product is amazing, and I will wear it daily. I tried out the NoSaggs hidden belt & pant suspender two ways. The first was for construction activities. Wearing heavy duty work pants while carrying a knife and flashlight on my belt I was frequently hiking up my pants. This has always been especially difficult when also wearing a tool belt. The NoSaggs hidden belt & pant suspender eliminated this completely. The second testing method was wearing a pistol on my hip. It was outstanding for the standard belt holster outside of the pants. I was concerned to try the inside the pants concealed holster thinking the raised rib would interfere. I found the opposite was true. With my inside waist band holster for a pistol, I found it tilted the grip into by body slightly which improved concealability while still having great accessibility. It always bugged me that the hammer and grip end show slightly through a tee shirt, but no more. More importantly this eliminated that telltale pants hike which tells everyone you are carrying because you grip the base of the gun to hike your pants. A dead giveaway. The NoSaggs hidden belt & pant suspender eliminated that problem for me with an all-day carry in town with many trips in and out of the truck. Amazing! Bottom line – This is a must for anyone wearing anything of weight on their belts. Law enforcement will love this. James – great product. Good luck.”

Mr. GL wrote… This ‘belt’ actually works! In my position I need to wear a concealed sidearm and carry spare ammunition every day and can’t always wear suspenders to help support my trousers belt. I was suspicious the NoSaggs Hidden Belt Suspender wouldn’t work, but I was wrong! This suspender belt works very well at holding my pants up when I cannot wear suspenders, even with all of the weight of my sidearm and spare mags on my belt! The NoSaggs takes a bit to get used to and can feel a bit constrictive (that’s why only 4 stars), but otherwise it works very well at holding pants up. I would recommend NoSaggs to anyone who needs belt & trouser support but cannot or doesn’t want to wear suspenders.

K9 Officer Johnny C. said… Why NoSaggs….Easier to say why NOT NOSAGGS. This device actually works I am not joshing with you it is the most wonderful suspender system ever invented. Thank you, James.
I was going to write another testimonial, but it would say just exactly what everybody else is saying. I work K9 and had to make cuts in my brand-new shirts to feed the undershirt suspenders through, boy if that did not burn the money pushers. I will not have to do that anymore thanks to James and his innovative thinking.

James. I know that other people have already mentioned but you need to market Law Enforcement/ security or anybody that wears a duty belt at work. Johnny C.

Mr. J.R. says… Finally, I can wear my gun without my pants falling down around my ankles. All because of No Saggs. Many, many thanks. And I’m sure those around me when I CCW thank you as well.

A Campus Security Officer Said… Best way to keep your pants from sagging!

I bought this product to just plain keep my pants up. It not only did that well, it also worked well concealed carrying appendix style.

Then I got a job at a college campus safety department. I wear a duty belt, and the No Saggs belt allows me to wear my inner belt on the No Saggs belt and with a few belt keepers, I’m able to keep my belts up effortlessly, at a job where I do a LOT of walking.

An added benefit is that the No Saggs belt keeps my uniform shirt tucked in, helping to keep my appearance neat and professional. As a 20 year Navy veteran, I really appreciate that. I simply put my shirt on over the No Saggs belt, and it works!

I can’t even imagine not having my No Saggs belts on, especially under my duty belt. It just plain works!

Medical Field

If you wear scrubs please read what this customer wrote… I gotta tell you I wore the NoSaggs to work over the weekend. It worked like a charm. I have worked in SCRUBS for 30+ years and have always had trouble keeping them up. Thank you very much for this novel invention. I plan on spreading the word to other buttless SCRUB wearers.

Laborer, Hard Worker

Jake Shanks, Mason/Brick layer… see above YouTube NoSaggs video reviews and NoSaggs Belt Review (1 FULL YEAR LATER).

L.H. wrote… I received my smaller size NoSaggs belt this morning. Put it on and it is a much better fit. Spent the day brush hogging my pasture and actually forgot I was wearing it. Up and down off the tractor most of the day and only hitched my pants up a few times out of habit. I think I have found a winner in your product. Thanks so much for working with me on the size. My 35-inch waist fell on the bottom end of the L-XXL 35”–46” size range, but the smaller S-M 27”-34” size seems to be a perfect fit. Again, thanks for the courtesy and the cooperation on exchanging the belts. Very considerate and professional transaction with you and your company. Very impressed.

J.E. says… This NoSaggs belt is working great!
I told the guys at work about it. We work in the maintenance department for a major food company, and we must keep our shirts tucked in. We’re up and down on the floor all day and constantly tucking in and readjusting. I’ve had the NoSaggs belt for a week and I don’t have to worry about my shirt coming untucked, I must physically pull my shirt out. I’ll be getting another one soon for my father. Thanks!

M.L., Construction worker wrote…Hi James… I LOVE the belt! First thought it would be uncomfortable. But it’s not!  in fact,… I don’t feel the need to remove it even after wearing it all day and well into the evening…and my pants don’t fall down!! Thank you so much. I will be telling others about this.

Jim is excited to say… “I Love the NoSaggs! I am on my feet as much as 7-8 hrs. per day, wonderful, don’t have to keep pulling jeans back up!”

Construction worker B.L. stated… IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!  Brother in Christ Jesus I thank the Lord for your invention of the NoSaggs belt. It’s amazing how the Lord works. A couple of weeks ago I was praying throughout the day that the Lord would help me with my situation of having the saggies. As a worker in the construction field and quite a bit of interaction with customers, I was finding myself constantly “rearranging” because of not having enough back end to hold up my britches. Then one day I saw your ad and I ordered it almost immediately. I received it this past Wednesday and have worn it the past 2 days and I am thanking GOD for HIS using you to create this product. I cannot thank you enough for this belt, and I just wanted to drop you a short email to thank you for it, and to say GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!

Golf Cart Attendant TB writes… I am 67 yrs. old, weigh 155 lbs. and am 5’7″. In my younger years, I was 5’9″ and weighed between 165 and 187. I have always had the disease but since 60, it has gone to a later stage. (“NoAssAtol”) I don’t have a gut pushing my pants down, just no hips or butt to keep them up. I did not have to try for 3 days or learn how to wear this device. From the start, it kept my pants up and shirt tucked in, very comfortably I might add, and with the additional benefit of some back support. My job, in retirement, involves golf cart attendant, pulling, loading, unloading, and putting up golf bags. Maintaining a large on-site practice facility, picking, cleaning, and restocking golf balls. So, it’s not a sedentary test. I can finally give my suspenders, of every color and configuration, to someone who only likes to wear them and thinks they are attractive.

Tile layer Mr. A. Upon spying my grandfather’s suspenders as we ate lunch, this kind fellow approached us and gave us both business cards. He told us about NoSaggs and explained how they work. My grandfather bought one that day. I got mine a few days later and put it to the test. It was a rigorous test as I was laying tile. Over several days of bending, kneeling, standing, stretching, and lifting; I found that NoSaggs performed much better than I could have anticipated. No matter what I did or how hard I worked, NoSaggs did exactly what Mr. Allbright said they would, and they did it comfortably. So comfortably, in fact, that I often forget that I’m wearing it. This product is a must have for any man who is tired of hiking up his jeans or wearing suspenders.

Mr. C wrote… I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the NoSaggs. I wanted to wait and wear it to work for a week and see how they performed. I couldn’t be more pleased. I am very active at work, up and down ladders bent over and squatting a lot. If I’ve had to reach back and pull up my pants this week, I don’t remember it. Thanks again for coming up with a solution for those of us who tug at our pants all day.

Bill M. tested it two ways (Construction & Conceal Carry) … “I am a believer! Wearing it now. The product is amazing, and I will wear it daily. I tried out the NoSaggs hidden belt & pant suspender two ways. The first was for construction activities. Wearing heavy duty work pants while carrying a knife and flashlight on my belt I was frequently hiking up my pants. This has always been especially difficult when also wearing a tool belt. The NoSaggs hidden belt & pant suspender eliminated this completely. The second testing method was wearing a pistol on my hip. It was outstanding for the standard belt holster outside of the pants. I was concerned to try the inside the pants concealed holster thinking the raised rib would interfere. I found the opposite was true. With my inside waist band holster for a pistol, I found it tilted the grip into by body slightly which improved concealability while still having great accessibility. It always bugged me that the hammer and grip end show slightly through a tee shirt, but no more. More importantly this eliminated that telltale pants hike which tells everyone you are carrying because you grip the base of the gun to hike your pants. A dead giveaway. The NoSaggs hidden belt & pant suspender eliminated that problem for me with an all-day carry in town with many trips in and out of the truck. Amazing! Bottom line – This is a must for anyone wearing anything of weight on their belts. Law enforcement will love this. James – great product. Good luck.”

A Construction Worker Said…  It Works! I was a bit worried this wouldn’t work but to my surprise I loved it. I wear some heavy items on my belt for my job about 20lbs and it still keeps my pants up. Great product.

73-year-old Mr. M.K. made me smile when he wrote to say… Just want to drop you a line. Your belt is fantastic. I am 73 years old and honestly have not been more satisfied with the performance of a product than your belt.  I am still a working guy in our family business, the only drawback is I now do so much more as I am not tugging at my pants all day everybody’s wondering why I’ve been goofing off all these years.  

At the same time, I ordered your belt, I ordered a pair of suspenders, I haven’t taken them out of the package.  That would have been a real moral breaker for me to succumb to wearing them.  God has been awesome to me, and my family and he just made it better. 

Keep the faith!  Thank you so much!!!

Wives are Happy Too

Mrs. H… “Wanted to let you know I really appreciate you sending the No Saggs – it arrived today and as soon as my husband opened it he put it on and enjoyed not having to pull at his pants.”

Mr. & Mrs. J wrote… I received my NoSaggs belt suspender last week. On Tuesday, I went with my wife to her doctor’s appointment and used my NoSaggs for the 1st time. I drove 50 miles, then we stopped to eat. I went to the counter to order, and she sat down at the table. Upon returning to the table, I told my wife “After getting in and out of the car plus driving 50 miles, I have not had to pull my pants up once”. Her response was “I noticed you standing at the counter and thought how NICE your pants look from behind now.” So, I am a satisfied customer with a satisfied wife.

Mrs. E. L. wrote… This is a repeat order!! First one was purchased as a Christmas gift for my husband. Gave it to him early thinking he might need a few days to get used to it before wearing it to work…No need…comfortable from the very beginning…even with all his “work paraphernalia attached to his belt”. Thank you so very much for this wonderful product.

B. L. wrote to share… I can’t tell you what a blessing the NoSaggs hidden belt suspender has been to my husband. He is a pastor serving as a full-time chaplain in a multi campus long term care and rehab facility, so he needs to dress appropriately. He’s been wearing the NoSaggs belt for about 4 weeks now and he looks wonderful. We had to buy new slacks because he needed a longer inseam. They hang straight and fit wonderfully. Before finding your product, we traveled to several upscale men’s stores looking for special tailoring, any advice they could give. No help.
We took your information to our local men’s store so they could help other men. Thank you and may God continue to bless your ministry.

Wife Liz wrote to say… Writing just to say thank you for creating the NoSaggs product. My husband is very skinny, no hips, he has trouble keeping his pants up. Since the first time he used your NoSaggs his pants have stayed up. He is so happy. Even can nap with it on, he does not feel it. Thanks Great product!!!!!

Anonymous Amazon Feedback… Better Than Suspenders! My wife bought this for me, and I said don’t waste your money. Boy was I wrong, I’m 300 lbs. 5′ 10″ with a beer gut thinking this NoSaggs was not going to work for me. I was wrong, it fit like a glove and my pants never moved, staying right where they should. I will strongly recommend this to any man who has to constantly hike up his pants.

P.H. bought one for her boyfriend… Purchased this for my boyfriend and let me tell you… he absolutely loves it!!! Thank you for this amazing thing you’ve brought to our lives!!!

Helped My Lower Back

Mr. LB says…  I want to thank you so much for inventing the hidden belt pant suspender. It works so well, and it has saved the muscles and tendons in my hips and lower back. I don’t have those pains anymore and it does a fine job holding up my pants that were always sliding down because I don’t have any meat back there anymore for some reason.

Mr. D.H. wrote; Just a note of appreciation for your product NoSaggs. Received it quickly and found it to do exactly what it is intended. It holds up my pants, is comfortable and gives a bit of back support as well. Thank you and for your prayers that are working together to solve a problem for many of us.

General Feedback

Mr. RF emailed to say… The NoSaggs is ingenious. Wore it for a month while traveling in Europe so I didn’t have to use suspenders. Works remarkably well and causes no discomfort whatsoever.

J.D.H. wrote… 100 percent recommended! It’s weird at first but stick with it and you’ll find just the sweet spot where you should wear it , it solved my sagg issues , I feel super confident and comfortable that my pants stay where they should! Best of all , is made in America ! Thank you Mr. Allbright .

Mr. M. Morgan wrote to say… Don’t leave home without them! I have had increasing problems with pants sliding down for years. Got my NoSaggs just in time to walk in a local parade in a town where I am well known. Had to carry a sign with one hand and hold my hat in gusty wind with the other – thank God my pants stayed at my waist. Without NoSaggs my pants would have been at ankle level in one block or I would be hatless or without the sign or in jail! It was amazing. I wear them with everything – workout shorts, tuxedo pants, slacks, pants at work or church, heavy blue jeans. I can carry my heavy key ring and phone case with everything remaining in place – and it keeps my shirt neatly tucked in all day! They have literally restored my confidence to go out in public without having one hand holding my pants up! I am so grateful for this wonderful no show, comfortable NoSaggs belt. Get one; you will only be sorry you waited so long! I can’t believe the difference it has made in my life.

Mike LOVES IT… “James…Where have you been all my life!!!!! The NoSaggs suspender arrived on Thursday, and I have been using it ever since… What a huge difference it makes… I am loving it!!!!!!”

No Name posted… Great way to keep your pants on boys. They work. My suspenders are at Goodwill.

TM Wrote to say…

I’ve told many about your belt, it’s great, wear it every day. Just purchased one for my brother. I’ve also given the first one to my son, for his duty belt he wears. He loves it.
Thanks for a great product.

No name posted… Silly little item, But it works great! I kept pulling on my pants out of habit, only to find that they’re where they are supposed to be. 6 Stars!

No Name… This is seriously the best solution to a problem that has been dogging me for at least 3 decades – WOW! BRILLEANT!!

No Name… This is the second NoSaggs I have bought for myself, and I also bought one for my son. This gave me something God did not, hips to keep my britches up.

Mr. RBK wrote… I’ve had this product for several years. It works well. Many thanks,
PS— I think you talking about Jesus and inserting a tract along with the product is a GOOD thing

Mr. B.I. from Australia… My NoSaggs arrived in my city of Townsville, in the Great State of Queensland, Australia a while back. Very happy with the product it does what it’s called, NoSaggs!! Great invention, I will be putting in another order and have told others of this great invention! YeaHaw, everything is bigger and better in Texas!

Mr. C.R. said… Howdy James, Greetings from sunny Central Oregon. I’m delighted to report that I received my NoSaggs yesterday and they work great! I have always had problems keeping my shirt tucked and jeans up. Your product solved those issues immediately. I think NoSaggs work so well that they should be available everywhere that sells pants. I am going to show it to my local western outfitter and I’m sure they will be just as fond of NoSaggs as I am. I will be sure to give them your info. Thanks for your product! Stay well.

David wrote…Yesterday I wore my NoSaggs hidden belt pant suspender for the first time, and I love it.
I got a complaint today from my coworker that my pants looked nice. I bought a second NoSaggs for my dad.

Mr. D. D. said… Thank you so much for the NoSaggs!!!!  First time in a long time I don’t have to think about my pants falling down all the time!  I am a big fan and customer for life!

Mr. DT says…I have struggled for years with my pants. It seems to have become a worse problem in the last few years. I am always pulling them up, especially when I bend over or get up from a chair. It got so bad that I had to quit wearing my Leatherman on my belt and I feel so lost without it as I use it all the time. I have been racking my brain to come up with a solution for this because I am absolutely not going to wear suspenders. I finally looked online to see if I could find anything that would help and I found your WONDERFUL solution. I’ve been wearing it for a week, and I cannot believe the difference. You are a genius and an answer for so many men. I was also thrilled to see that you are a brother in Christ. PTL. I love being able to patronize a Christian company. I am going to get a couple more of these and I am a faithful customer for life.

God bless you, your business, and your wonderful wife that said NO SUSPENDERS, they do make you look old and neither one of us are. Love in Christ

Mr. S. shared… Not only does this product work, but the creator James Allbright is to be commended for his courtesy, outstanding communication, and customer service. You will not be disappointed.

JR first wrote… “Just bought one of these NoSaggs Hidden Belt Suspenders and the moment you put your pants on, you feel the most liberating feeling you will ever feel…. your pants staying on your hips. This feeling persists throughout the day and it’s amazing. This is a great product. Don’t think about buying it, just buy it.”

A month later JR wrote back… I have had a NoSaggs for about a month and I must say this works. I have zero butt and not much more on the hips. For years I struggled with my pants coming down every few minutes. NoSaggs fixed it, I can even wear my heavy jeans now that I have not worn in years. Great product worth every penny. Don’t wait just buy it today and you will see the difference right away.”

A.J. wrote… Dear James, You and I had a phone call a week or so ago, and I had doubts that your NoSaggs device would work for me. After our conversation, I ordered it at once, and it was delivered timely. After a few tries, I got it on right, and have worn it every day since. It’s perfect. I just wanted to say thank you very much for coming up with it and bringing it to market. All I can say is thank you. I hope you bring it to market on a wider basis. I looked at many junk items on the internet before I found your product. So, thank you again, I am recommending it to everyone I know who would benefit

Mr. “K” from Australia says… I am currently using the ‘NoSaggs’ you sent me and with great success. I can now find other things to do with my hands given they are no longer needed to constantly hitch up my pants.
I have told many people about the product.
Thank you for this product.

Hello from T.F. in Canada, just across the friendly border! I just bought a NoSaggs. I came home and tried it on…It just Works…Period! I just ordered a spare. God Bless and Thank You!

Mr. C that lost 50 lbs wrote… I’ve been wearing the NoSaggs for a couple of weeks now and I think it’s great!

I did a search of Sagging pants and found your website. I ordered the NoSaggs and have been wearing them for two days now! Needless to say, they are life changing since I recently lost 50 lbs. and struggle to keep jeans, dress pants, & shorts from sliding down. It is so frustrating to constantly keep pulling my pants up all day long. Thank you for your product, it truly is a pleasure to wear and so nice not to keep adjusting my clothes all day long.

J.S. shared… I wore the NoSaggs to church last evening. I love it. I’ve got it on today. Plan on wearing it from now on or until the rapture. I only have one question…What does one do with all the time no longer spent pulling up one’s pants? God bless. Thanks for such a wonderful solution to the problem of sagging pants.

EXTRA LARGE (No Name) commented… Your “NoSaggs Hidden Belt & Pant Suspender” is simple and easy to use. I wanted your product as soon as I saw it. I thought I wanted it, but my wife says I needed it. I wish I had this product decades ago. The law enforcement community could really benefit with all the weight they carry on their duty belts as well as CCW holders and us EXTRA LARGE guys. Thank You and Be Safe

Mr. L. that tried 4 other brands says… I wanted to write and tell you that I tested several brands and the NoSaggs™ outperformed all other brands. Out of the 4 brands that I tried, one was very complicated to use and only worked with a 1” belt and didn’t do a very good job. The second only worked with shirts that are worn outside the pants. The third that I tried worked fairly well with tucked in shirts, but they tended to pop out frequently. And lastly, the NoSaggs™ turned out to be the best of all. I like and prefer the NoSaggs™ because they are simple to use, work with any size belt, and allow you to wear your shirt tail out or tucked in without popping out.

Mr. TM says… I have had the NoSaggs for maybe three weeks, wear them every day, and thankful for how great they are.  Truly!

Bill wrote to say… James, your invention is the answer to the problem. I conducted an experiment using the exact same pair of jeans I used the day before to work on some landscape lighting. Before NoSaggs I had to pull up the jeans before bending my knees to work on the light. My jeans would sag, and my only option was to point that view at the bushes to get the job done. The next day the NoSaggs arrived and before long I had it on. I went back to the landscape lighting and there were no sagging problems, it worked just like you said.

I have been dealing with the sag problem for quite a while and I will tell all my friends about the NoSaggs solution. Thanks again for your brilliant idea to market the best clothing item since tennis shoes.

John said… “I was sick of hiking my pants up all the time. I am not easy to please, but I give your NoSaggs a AAA+ rating.”

Mr. S… “I did not like the NoSaggs…I LOVED it and will recommend it to everybody whose pants don’t want to stay up. I fell in love with it as soon as I put it on. Thank you for telling me about the NoSaggs solution to a lifelong problem.”

Bill complimented… “I really like the NoSaggs!! I don’t have to tighten my belt up so tight to hold my pants up. Also, it is very comfortable to wear. I’m spreading the word about NOSAGGS!! Thanks for turning me on to it

Mr. B. wrote… “I like the freedom of the No Saggs. I feel like I appear as my grandfather did 50 years ago with my suspenders on wandering around town. I don’t think old men in suspenders get the respect they deserve!!!!! I would definitely recommend your NoSaggs product if the wearer is committed to looking better.”

Mr. M says… “I wanted to write and tell you about my experience with my new NoSaggs. I received them on Friday and immediately tried them out. After the initial adjusting and getting them set correctly. I was very impressed how well they lived up to my expectations. I spent the weekend trying them out in different situations. Working, driving, mowing the lawn, going to church, sitting, and standing. They worked well in all those situations. Many of which I have developed a real anxiety for even with suspenders. I am proud to say I felt confident enough to wear them to work today with 3 very important meetings to attend. I am grateful that I found this product. I am further grateful to know that it is provided by a man of faith. I was drawn to your product by your video. It is nice to know that you received the idea after much thought and prayer. Because that is how I found your product. I have recently been promoted which is a great thing but will also require me to attend many more one on one and large group meetings. My professional appearance is now more important than ever. The thought of suspenders and all of those problems has worried me significantly. My parents always taught me (as your video also stated) that you can pray for the big and the little things. Through prayer and studying it out, I found this product. Thank you!”

Mr. J wrote… “The “NoSaggs” are an answer to prayer. No more suspenders! Thanks so much. I’ll hang your cards up on our bulletin board at work. God bless you and all your endeavor

Mr. P.D. said… Just got my NoSaggs 2 days ago and couldn’t be happier. I have not had to tug up my pants or tuck in my shirt, this is the greatest!

R.T. shared… I have now worn my NoSaggs almost daily for 1 month and I must say that this is the best product I’ve bought in a long time. I find them comfortable to wear and they work remarkably well. For years I wore my suspenders under my shirt to keep my pants up and not look like an old man. With NoSaggs even loose waisted pants stay up. I am recommending them to all of my suspender wearing friends.

Mr. RB wrote to say… Thank you for the NoSaggs belt; it’s working fine. Your directions are good; and I really like your witness for our Lord! I’ve been hiking my pants up for 74 years and now they stay put.

J.H wrote to say… Bought one of these belts about 5 years ago, and just now bought another belt. They really work ‘to hold your britches up’. I would recommend anybody who is sick and tired of ‘hiking up their britches’ to get a NoSaggs belt.

B.C. said… Really helps keep my pants from sliding down. I wear them all the time. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

G.S. stated… I got my NoSaggs about 3 weeks ago and have been amazed at how well my jeans stay up and also keeps my shirttail in place. I highly recommend NoSaggs.

Jack W. emailed to say… First day with my NoSaggs. I gave up on belts, too much belly and a backside like a plank. Got my NoSaggs, unwrapped them, and thought, this can’t work. But as a Texan far from home, I wanted to support Mr. Allbright in Texas product! So, I watched the video again: “Men, if you’re like me, you don’t have much rear on the backside…” I strapped the NoSaggs on and headed to work. Today was way too much ladder climbing, lifting, and carrying heavy stuff for an old fat guy. But not only did the NoSaggs keep my pants where I wanted them all day, but it supported my back and belly, so no lower back pain after my day! In fact, I forgot I had my NoSaggs on! This is the greatest invention since sliced bread! Buy it, you won’t regret it. At 62, years old, 6’5” and 300 lbs. I just resigned myself to wearing suspenders my whole life and bought new ones when they stretched out. Not to mention untangling them to lay right is like taking the grand kids fishing! You spend hours just untangling lines! But now, no strap annoyances, and no rodeo clown pant fit! THANK YOU, Mr. Allbright, you invented something that WORKS GREAT!!! Changed my life literally! Atta boy!

Dave M wrote to say… Your No Saggs arrived today and YOU ARE A GENIUS !!! It is working like a charm and I am not having to put it too tight to give me stomach problems! Can’t wait to go to work and church or ANYWHERE without having to wear suspenders or constantly pull my pants up. I am very pleased with this incredible invention of yours! I am also loving that you are spreading the gospel with every one you send out. God bless you my brother and I will spread the word about No Saggs and of course our Lord and Savior !

Mr. J.J. emailed to say…Thank you Thank you It is the BEST thing ever THANK YOU AGAIN.

Mr. J.A. was nice to send us this… I just wanted to congratulate you on your NoSaggs belt invention. What a wonderful idea, it really works I have been hoisting my pants for years and have tried several suspender solutions, none of them worked well for me. Your solution however is inspirational. I am buying some extras to give to my friends.

Mr. D.M had issues with suspenders hurting him and he wrote to say… I could not wear suspenders because they cause me to ache in my neck and shoulder blades. Belts worn tight caused me digestive tract problems. No Saggs was a last effort to keep from holding my pants up by hand every day or continue pulling them up. It was a horrible nuisance. I have to admit I was skeptical but after wearing it now for a month I can sing its praises as the PERFECT solution! Honestly, it is comfortable out of sight and the answer for me. A plus for me and NOT a negative is that I am buying from one fine CHRISTIAN man. Maybe not a plus from some of you but you have plenty of Godless people to do business with if that is what floats your boat. Personally, I think it is a sinking ship to live a life without God or Jesus Christ. I only pray that God continues to bless the No Saggs inventor and bless him for having a strong and vocal faith in God.

Bill C. posted this… I’ve been using it and it’s amazing how simple and effective the belt is. It’s great!

C. Wrote… This NoSaggs exceeded my expectations! They are awesome. One of the added benefits is that it keeps your shirt tucked in neatly as well and saves from constantly having to re-tuck your shirt. Love, love, love this product!

M.C. was nice to post… I have been using one of these belts for a few years now, and it sure has performed well. So well that the Velcro is wearing out. I am going to be needing to get a new one soon. Great product!!

Mr. G. posted… GENIUS! Hard to believe that we had to go long to get such a simple solution plaguing so many men! I have to say that I had my doubts. And the advisories that came with the package stating that it was essential to read the instructions, to view the video and then to follow the steps in putting the NoSaggs on did not put my concerns to rest. So, I just glanced over the written material and thought I had gotten the key points. 5 minutes later I was wearing the NoSaggs, and my pants were not sagging. It is so simple. You put on the wrap over a long undershirt making sure it is very snug (but still comfortable), put your belt through the loops of the pants and then put them on. Place the pants on top of the back/sides ridge and snug the belt up so it rides on the ridge. Incredible look and very comfortable.

And while the notes say you have to wear a belt to use it since “the ridge around the back” is meant to have a belt resting on it, with a little ingenuity one can wear the NoSaggs with beltless pants. Just wrap it around the top three inches of the beltless pants and wear a shirt long enough to hide those three inches. Wonderful with sweat pants for instance.

I have been a fan of suspenders for a long time and recently ordered and got a set from Amazon that I also recommend, and suspenders give the wearer a certain “look” that I find compelling BUT if you need to lower your pants for……well, whatever…..suspenders are a logistical challenge. NoSaggs allows this with only the slightest bit of extra effort.

AND, I find the belt is also good for my lower back! Bonus!.

Really could not be happier. I ordered a second one just in case I could not locate the first one at some point. I don’t want to leave home without it

Mr. WH gave us 5 stars and wrote… I would recommend that you give the NoSaggs a try. They are so much better than suspenders. Never in the way like suspenders are. I’m glad Mr. James thought of this idea. They make you look so much better when all dressed up.

Mr. TB emailed to say… What an amazing product!   Struggled with this for many years and have now found the solution.  God is Great!!!

Anonymous Amazon Feedback… Better Than Suspenders! My wife bought this for me, and I said don’t waste your money. Boy was I wrong, I’m 300 lbs. 5′ 10″ with a beer gut thinking this NoSaggs was not going to work for me. I was wrong, it fit like a glove and my pants never moved, staying right where they should. I will strongly recommend this to any man who has to constantly hike up his pants.

Mr. B.Y. says… These are a life changers if you are like a lot of us guys that don’t seem to have any butt left. I went from having to keep one hand on my pants to keep them up to rarely having to even think about it. This latest purchase is a repeat because 1. They work and 2. the Velcro does eventually wear out, so my recommendation is to order at least 2 belts, you won’t regret it.

Mr. BP wrote… Very responsive when I had an ordering problem online & followed up with quick shipping. The product works exactly as advertised when the instructions are followed. I’ve worn mine for over 2 weeks & am very pleased with no longer needing to “hitch up my britches” even during extended exercise walks.

MR. M.H. emailed to say… Just received my belt and I love it.  It performs just as you said.  Thank you for finally finding a replacement for the typical suspender and sagging pants.  I have “no waist” and have struggled for years with droopy pants and wayward shirt tails.

ALSO, so good to do business with a good Christian man who is not ashamed of sharing your belief in Jesus.  I put the wooden “He Lives!” coin on my refrigerator.

God bless you! & Thank you.

John posted this testimonial… Really works well (better than suspender options)
This really works well and it’s also discreet. I’ve worn it with jeans and a T-shirt, and it wasn’t even noticed by my teenagers who definitely would have pointed it out and made fun of me had they noticed it. So, if you’re worried about it being seen thru clothing…don’t be. Also worn it to work and it’s comfortable when sitting all day as well.
Also tried a popular suspender solution and it worked ok but was not nearly as discreet or convenient to wear.

Rem posted… James is a standup guy, and his NoSaggs invention is the best!! If you want to finally be able to bend over, without then having to pull up your pants, this is for you. I like NoSaggs so much I bought a second one. Just try it.

Mr. A.W. wrote us to say… I love my NoSaggs. I have no butt, and I thought there was no solution except suspenders. I hate those, and so I just dealt with always pulling my pants up constantly. When I found the NoSaggs, I was skeptical. However, after more than a month of wearing my NoSaggs, I am so happy with it. It works extremely well. I never need to pull my pants up, and I’m never worried about my shirt coming untucked. It is a great product that has helped me tremendously.

Mr. E. R. says… Works as explained. Definitely worth a try. This product is amazing. Took a bit to get used too. Once I got comfortable with wearing it, about a week. If you need something besides suspenders to hold your pants up. This product if DEFINITELY the product for you.

Mr. G. B. said… Simple and very effective. Definitely does what it says it will do!

Mr. P. S. wrote… No second thoughts I love this product. I tried all ways by changing my tailor to tailor and I was not able to have my pants stay where I wanted it to be.
This was my 2nd product to try, and these are the BEST!!!!!! Anyone having pants not listening to them, try it. Worth it 100%

M.B. wrote… Wonderful, wonderful wonderful belt. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. Thank you.

Mr. D.B. (NoSaggs at dinner on a Cruise)… My wife and I just got home from our cruise. I want to tell you at dinner the first night of the cruise  we had 8 people setting at our table and one of the wives was talking to my wife saying that her husband felt very  self-conscious about his suspenders because the snap had been damaged at the airport. I told him about my not wearing suspenders  anymore since I ordered your NoSaggs hidden belt pant suspender and that news quickly spread to the next table so that I actually went to restroom, took the NoSaggs belt off and came back to the dinner table to show it to  them. Two of the men ordered one for themselves online right then and there.

My wife almost died laughing when I came back to the table with  the NoSaggs  in my hand. Anyway, thanks again for creating the NoSaggs hidden belt pant suspender.

RJJ from the Philippines wrote to say… Hi James, Just wanted to let you know that I’ve received the NoSaggs hidden belt pants suspender. I tried it immediately and I’m truly amazed! It works perfectly, keeping my pants up without any sliding down, thanks to the hard ridge at the back. It was definitely worth the wait. Thank you so much!
Regards, RJJ

D.T. wrote to say…  New Job, NoSaggs to the rescue! I was pleasantly surprised how well the NoSaggs belt worked. I had just started a new job and had issues with spending half the shift pulling up my pants. The job I have would not allow me to wear suspenders and I have to keep my shirt tucked in.

Based on that, I had to come up with something. NoSaggs to the rescue. Since wearing these I no longer have to tug on my pants. THANKS! NoSaggs.

M.N. says… Works as advertised! Spend the time to shorten the length.  So, there’s not too much overlap! It really works, even in Canada!

S.C. in the UK shared… Had minor difficulties ordering to the UK but the guys at NoSaggs were absolutely amazing and very helpful in helping me to make the purchase. Received it in good time and it works exactly as described. Had difficulties trying to keep it tight to the waist but after a while got the hang of it. Well packaged and well made, I am very happy with the product and the whole purchasing experience. Best I’ve seen in a very long time. Thank you!

Mr. S.B. in Canada says… Solved a problem I had for years. Always hiking my pants/shorts up. Works great!

Mr. R.M wrote… I’ve been wearing the NoSaggs belt for about a month. Perfect way to keep my shirt tucked in and pants where they belong. Thank you so much for the innovation!

Mr. M.M. sums it up… Great product, fast shipment. Highly recommend!

B.H. was excited to say…This product works for me. It’s hard to explain the frustration experienced from having to constantly fight keeping your pants up during the day, every day. It’s something you won’t understand until you’ve lived it. NoSaggs has virtually eliminated this problem. So far, I’ve only had to adjust around midday to keep my pants up. That’s an absolute miracle for a person like me. If you struggle with keeping your pants up and would rather not wear suspenders, this is the solution! This product is worth every penny!

E.W. says… I gave this a test run last night and was impressed. The Velcro closure was so solid, and I never once worried about any slipping.
Very pleased with the product. Appreciated the personal touch on delivery items as well. Something that is lost on most online purchases. Seller seems to care about what he is doing.

L.M. took time to let us know… Great product does exactly what it says it will do. Additional benefit is that wearing flannel or lined winter clothes the Velcro sticks to the lining, and it works even better.

H.T. ordered a spare… I love the NoSaggs It takes a few days to get accustomed to it. Now my pants are more comfortable with no- sagg than without. I like not having to fight to keep my pants up. I ordered a second one just so I would have a spare. Not often something works as advertised.

Mr. W.A. Loves it… I went online about two weeks ago looking for an alternative to suspenders to keep my pants from sliding down from my waist. That’s when I found NoSaggs. I have been wearing the NoSaggs belt for about two weeks. I LOVE IT!! My pants stay firmly in place with no slipping. I can highly recommend this product.

Mr. A.K. made me laugh saying… Just got mine. Your wife is correct, it’s not pretty at all but it works perfectly :). I use it mostly for golfing. The material of golf attire are naturally slippery, so this really helps. I can worry about my drive without worrying if my pants are going to fall off. Great invention.