NoSaggs – “The Hidden Belt Pant Suspender”

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Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee

Satisfaction and Money-Back Guarantee

Try The NoSaggs™ for 30 Days. Put us through our paces, and see what kind of results you get. We’re so confident you’ll be happy after a month of using The NoSaggs™ that I will offer you a full refund of the original purchase price.

Try it out and see what happens for you – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you are not 100% satisfied, contact me personally at 325-650-4002 or via email to take advantage of our 30 Day Guarantee.


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NoSaggs. “The Hidden Belt Pant Suspender”

Not made to be pretty, Made to WORK!

NoSaggs Strapless Suspenders

  • No more suspenders, no more sagging
  • No more “plumber’s crack”
  • Goes over your shirt, undershirt, or top band of underwear, but stays hidden under your pants
  • Creates a hidden ridge that your outer leather belt rides on
  • Helps keep shirt tails tucked in
  • Works great with jeans, slacks, scrubs, sweatpants, and even shorts

NOTE to customers outside the USA: Depending on your government regulations, once the NoSaggs arrives in your country you may be asked to pay a local tax and mail handling fee. These fees are out of our control but we want you to know up front.

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Weight 0.4 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × .75 in

Small – Medium, Large – XXL, XXXL

29 reviews for NoSaggs – “The Hidden Belt Pant Suspender”

  1. William Piergiovanni (verified owner)

    As a retired police officer, I wish I’d found this 40 years ago! I’m in my 70’s, and I have carried a gun most of my life. Ive seen a lot of Carry options for concealed carry, but this is the absolute best option for those who carry a handgun in their pocket as I do, but pocket carry or belt carry… this NoSaggs is the “cats meow”.
    I don’t care for the bulky, clumsy, speed loaders for my Smith & Wesson J-Frame revolvers, so if I’m passing through a high crime area, I simply carry two J-frames and this NoSaggs “the hidden belt” does the job. I love it! Get one for yourself, you won’t regret it.

    • James Allbright (verified owner)

      Thanks William for your feedback, so glad the NoSaggs is working well for you.
      James, NoSaggs creator

  2. Charles P Hebard

    There has never been a greater invention than the NoSaggs! I have no butt. My dad was called Organ Morgan the assless wonder! Thank you. God has blessed you with great creativity. You have dramatically improved my life. I am full of gratitude for you and your invention.

    • James Allbright (verified owner)

      Thank you, Charles, for your feedback and so glad you are enjoying it.
      Would it be ok for us to add your testimonial to our Webpage and postings if we only show your initials as Mr. C.P.H.?
      James, NoSaggs creator

  3. Steven (verified owner)

    Not only does this product work, but James Allbright is to be commended for his courtesy, outstanding communication and customer service. You will not be disappointed.

    • James Allbright (verified owner)

      Thanks Steven for your kind words and business.

  4. Steven g Dupree Dupree (verified owner)

    Mr Allbright , my name is Steve Dupree NC…I don’t know how you thought of this but it works great…pulled up my pants all of my life , you r a blessing to all of us with flat butts … god bless Steve Dupree

    • James Allbright (verified owner)

      Thanks Steve for letting me know the NoSaggs is working well for you.
      How I thought of it? My wife told me I looked old in suspenders and she did not want me wearing them in town or to church so I prayed… Lord, you say we can ask for the small things too and I need a idea a solution a alternative to the suspenders and before I could get the suspenders off HE answered my prayer with the idea for the NoSaggs Hidden Belt Suspender. GOD IS GOOD!
      Steve, can we share your testimony if we leave your last name off and just say Steve from NC wrote to say…

  5. MFS

    Works !!!! Great invention!!!!

    • James Allbright (verified owner)

      Super glad you like it.
      Thanks for letting me know.
      James, NoSaggs creator

  6. James Rawding

    I have had no saggs for about a month and I must say this works. I have zero butt and not much more on the hips for years I struggled with my pants coming down every few minutes for years. No Saggs fixed it I can even wear my heavy jeans now that I have not worn in years. Great product worth every penny don’t wait just buy it today and you will see the difference right away.

    • James Allbright (verified owner)

      Thanks James for an awesome testimonial, so glad you are enjoying your NoSaggs. Have a super blessed day and coming Thanksgiving.
      James, NoSaggs Creator

  7. Roy

    Will this work with a duty belt? I work in private security. Thank you

    • James Allbright (verified owner)

      I have been told by both officers and by carpenters that wear heavy belts that the NoSaggs does help hold them up.
      Look forward to filling your order and getting your feedback once you wear it.
      James, NoSaggs creator

  8. Logan Baker

    Amazing product! Where has this been all my life. Incredibly versatile. I haven’t had to pull my pants up a single time while wearing these. I can’t stop telling all my friends about them.

    • James Allbright (verified owner)

      Thanks Logan for your feedback, makes my heart happy to hear you are enjoying your NoSaggs.

  9. Jim Ferris (verified owner)

    I have used the No Saggs device for more than a year and my wife insists I buy another just in case something happens to this one. I wear it daily and it is tough to see what could go wrong with it, but having a spare ‘just in case’ makes sense. Thanks for the great product!!

    • James Allbright (verified owner)

      Jim, your comment about your wife insisting you buy a spare made me laugh. Sure glad God blessed you (and I) with a wise wife. I am shipping your spare out today.
      Thanks & blessings,
      James, NoSaggs creator

  10. Richard many

    Using this but the plastic tube has come out of the Velcro. What did I do wrong? I put it back together but didn’t think it should come out in the first place?

    • James Allbright (verified owner)

      Thanks Richard for letting me know. I cover this in the instructions at bottom of page 1, it reads… BE SURE you GRAB THE ROUNDED OVERLAPPING FRONT TIP NOT !! the squared off edges of the top layer that traps the backside ridge inside.
      We don’t sew down or glue down the top layer so that if the customer feels the internal ridge comes to far forward on their body they can easily peel back the top layer a few inches and trim the internal ridge to best fit them. We also have a lot of conceal carry handgun customers that clip their holsters to the NoSaggs belt and being able to carefully trim the internal ridge as needed benefits them.
      I don’t see the name Richard Many in my order log, it may be under your wife’s or another name. If you want to give me the name it was ordered under so I can find your address, I will ship you a new one and once received you can ship me the old one back.
      James, NoSaggs creator

  11. Randy Miedema (verified owner)

    November 4, 2018. This has been the best year of my life since buying the No Saggs belt one year ago. I forgot how many times an hour I used to stop and ree-tuck. I was reminded again of that recently when I for some unexplicable reason forgot to wear the No Saggs when I left the house. What a miserable day!…not gonna happen again!

    • James Allbright (verified owner)

      Thanks for letting us know Randy, SO glad the NoSaggs has been such a blessing to you.
      James/NoSaggs creator

  12. Glenn Ainslie

    This product works great. I was a little concerned the ridge might show but I don’t think it does. I’ve worn this almost daily since I got it six months ago.

    • James Allbright (verified owner)

      That is fantastic to hear Glenn, thanks for sharing the good news. Please let others know too.
      James/NoSaggs creator

  13. Anson Jones (verified owner)

    Dear James,
    You and I had a phone call a week or so ago, and I had doubts that your NoSaggs device would work for me. After our conversation, I ordered it at once, and it was delivered timely. After a few tries, I got it on right, and have worn it every day since. It’s perfect. I just wanted to say thank you very much for coming up with it and bringing it to market. All I can say is thank you. I hope you bring it to market on a wider basis. I looked at many junk items on the internet before I found your product. So thank you again, I am recommending it to everyone I know who would benefit.

  14. Pistol Pete (verified owner)

    My Husband absolutely
    loves this, and I do too, I don’t have to see him constantly pulling up his pants any longer, they are hidden so no-one sees them, you can not tell from the outside either, no added weight look. These are great, just wish they would make them in a women’s . They really need to advertise more so people no their out there. Thank You NoSaggs !!!

  15. Jim Hahn (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic product. This product performs as advertised. Thanks for offering a product that is making my life easier. I put it on in the morning and don’t have to ‘pull up my pants’ or ‘tuck in my shirt’ all day. GREAT product.

  16. Robert De La Fuente

    I started using this 3 months ago I can’t believe I was suffering for such a long time my pants would sag and I would have to pick him up frequently this idea was long awaited I wear the no sag everyday even with shorts thank you Mr. Inventor

  17. Cindy Burnett (verified owner)

    I bought two NoSaggs – one for my husband and one for our grown son. My husband says this is the BEST INVENTION EVER!! Our son (who has a completely different build) also says it works for him, but he is still working on getting his just right. Like the letter states, I told him to lay on the bed and put it on. He’ll get there!

  18. Mr. K.

    I am currently using the ‘NoSaggs’ you sent me and with great success. I can now find other things to do with my hands given they are no longer needed to constantly hitch up my pants.
    I have told many people about the product.
    Thank you for this product.

    • James F. Allbright

      I am so happy you have found success with the NoSaggs™. Thank you for spreading the word!

  19. Brian A.

    I received my NoSaggs and I love this thing. In the first 5 seconds after putting it on I could tell it was going to work perfectly. Also a bonus is that it is soft enough it doesn’t hurt the underside of my belly.
    Thanks for inventing the NoSaggs!

  20. Steven

    Your product really works well. It is the first time in years that I do not have to readjust my pants every time I get up from my desk. They don’t slip all day and your product is easy to use. Your service is also to be commended. In short, I am very pleased with this purchase.

  21. Alan

    As for your product, it works very well. Much better than the rubber belts with rubber spikes sold as a “shirt garter” by some uniform and clothing catalogs. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  22. Mr. L

    I wanted to write and tell you that I tested several brands and the NoSaggs™ out performed all other brands. Out of the 4 brands that I tried, One was very complicated to use and only worked with a 1” belt, and didn’t do a very good job. The second only worked with shirts that are worn outside the pants. The third that I tried worked fairly well with tucked in shirts, but they tended to pop out frequently. And lastly, the NoSaggs™ turned out to be the best of all. I like and prefer the NoSaggs™ because they are simple to use, work with any size belt, and allow you to wear your shirt tail out or tucked in without popping out.

  23. Anthony

    Upon spying my grandfather’s suspenders as we ate lunch, this kind fellow approached us and gave us both business cards. He told us about NoSaggs and explained how they work.

    My grandfather bought one that day. I got mine a few days later and put it to the test. It was a rigorous test as I was laying tile for my brother. Over several days of bending, kneeling, standing, stretching and lifting; I found that NoSaggs performed much better than I could have anticipated. No matter what I did or how hard I worked, NoSaggs did exactly what Mr. Allbright said they would and they did it comfortably. So comfortably, in fact, that I often forget that I’m wearing it.

    This product is a must have for any man who is tired of hiking up his jeans or wearing suspenders.

  24. Bill

    James, Your invention is the answer to the problem. I conducted an experiment using the exact same pair of jeans I used the day before to work on some landscape lighting. Before No-Saggs I had to pull up the jeans before bending my knees to work on the light. My jeans would sag and my only option was to point that view at the bushes to get the job done. The next day the No-Saggs arrived and before long I had it on. I went back to the landscape lighting and there was no sagging problems, it worked just like you said.

    I have been dealing with the sag problem for quite a while and I will tell all my friends about the No-Saggs solution. Thanks again for your brilliant idea to market the best clothing item since tennis shoes.

  25. Chris

    I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the NoSaggs. I wanted to wait and wear it to work for a week and see how they performed. I couldn’t be more pleased. I am very active at work, up and down ladders bent over and squatting a lot. If I’ve had to reach back and pull up my pants this week I don’t remember it. Thanks again for coming up with a solution for those of us who tug at our pants all day.

  26. Mike

    “James… Where have you been all my life!!!!! The NoSaggs suspender arrived on Thursday and I have been using it ever since… What a huge difference it makes… I am loving it!!!!!!”

  27. Tom F.

    Hello from Canada, just across the friendly border! I just bought a NoSaggs off of Amazon. I came home and tried it on…It just Works…Period! I just ordered a spare. God Bless and Thank You!

  28. Bill M.

    “I am a believer! Wearing it now. The product is amazing and I will wear it daily. I tried out the NoSaggs hidden belt & pant suspender two ways.

    The first was for construction activities. Wearing heavy duty work pants while carrying a knife and flashlight on my belt I was frequently hiking up my pants. This has always been especially difficult when also wearing a tool belt. The NoSaggs hidden belt & pant suspender eliminated this completely.

    The second testing method was wearing a pistol on my hip. It was outstanding for the standard belt holster outside of the pants. I was concerned to try the inside the pants concealed holster thinking the raised rib would interfere. I found the opposite was true. With my inside waist band holster for a pistol I found it tilted the grip into by body slightly which improved concealability while still having great accessibility. It always bugged me that the hammer and grip end show slightly through a tee shirt, but no more. More importantly this eliminated that telltale pants hike which tells everyone you are carrying because you grip the base of the gun to hike your pants. A dead giveaway. The NoSaggs hidden belt & pant suspender eliminated that problem for me with an all-day carry in town with many trips in and out of the truck. Amazing! Bottom line – This is a must for anyone wearing anything of weight on their belts. Law enforcement will love this. James – great product. Good luck.”

  29. Mr. B.

    “I like the freedom of the No Saggs. I feel like I appear as my grandfather did 50 years ago with my suspenders on wandering around town. I don’t think old men in suspenders get the respect they deserve!!!!! I would definitely recommend your NoSaggs product if the wearer is committed to looking better.”

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